In depth exhibition of shared special equipment
Lower cost, 10 times exhibition effect!
Core position / special decoration construction / dynamic marketing / buyer's drainage / group exhibition / professional matchmaking
What is a shared special?
The pain points of traditional Chinese enterprises participating in overseas exhibitions: poor position + poor image + few buyers + no match = no strength + no effect; how can Chinese enterprises participate in overseas well-known oil exhibitions more effectively? This has always been an urgent problem to be solved by the people of China CHUANGYOU oil union. Lin Xiaofei, the founder of the company, keeps pace with the times, adapts the most popular sharing economy mode to the characteristics of overseas exhibitions, and develops a whole set of sharing special exhibition scheme!

Sharing special clothing, literally, means that multiple exhibitors share a special clothing booth, but our services are not only simple sharing special clothing display services, but also provide enterprises with a more effective one-stop sharing special clothing creation, including special clothing display at the core of the exhibition, precise buyer invitation, special industry matching, professional buyer drainage, dynamic marketing, advantage resource integration, etc The new exhibition service aims to let you spend less money and have better exhibition effect!
2019 Abu Dhabi shared special decoration site
Shared special service scheme
Core position
Special display
Dynamic marketing
Buyer drainage
Buyer information and demand
Resource integration
Core booth, special decoration construction.
Share the overall display of high-end special clothing; share the business negotiation area; unify posters, uniform exhibition clothes and emblem.
Large screen on the lintel, large screen advertisement in the center, video rolling play.
Customized performance with Chinese cultural characteristics; interactive games with buyers through customization, such as lottery games; uninterrupted tea breaks, coffee, snacks, etc.
All business card information and demand push collected by the organizer of the exhibition group.
Enterprise resources are identified and selected to optimize resource allocation and obtain the overall optimization.
Sharing special exhibition effect
> 10 times
Strength display

Large flow of buyers

Better price performance

Take part in exhibitions

Professional match
Core position + special installation

Multiple professional buyers + buyer drainage + dynamic all-round display

Better results + lower costs

Exhibitor advantage resource integration

Whole process matchmaking service for foreign trade elites
Position difference + ordinary standard spread

Less professional buyers + waiting for buyers + waiting for buyers

High cost + poor effect

Independent exhibition

Exhibition effect of traditional standard booth
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